Friday, October 26, 2007

The Way I See It

Art. Life entrapped in the eternal frame of a fusion of multifarious colors. Fixating compelling but transient visions in my mind, empowering me to prudently entangle the complex fabric of Life, thread by thread. With each soft stroke of my brush, an unbridled sense of joyous pride touches my soul. Suddenly, I feel at one with my creations. Resonating in unison. And as I silently gaze at them, my innate creative indulgence catalyzes my thoughts more and more.

To persevere. To procreate.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Guest Blogger: Jiggs


Being an aquarian, the first thing that crosses my mind is Art. Art is something which is innate to a person. The definitive way of expressing one's thought process and connecting with the outer world. It can be rendered in various forms, be it frolicking with a multitude of colors, in the nimble footed dance steps, the soothing tones from a musical instrument or just penning down one's perspectives in a coherent manner. It is, to put it simply, an outlet for emotions which are buried deep within us. Most often this brings out the best in us. It surprises us sometimes, when we least expect it do so. Quite unconventional but appreciated by a few.

Writing has been an essential part of my life. It has become an outlet for all the things which have been bottled inside me for a long time. It's been a while, that I discovered this 'talent' of mine (Yes, I like to call it so :-), which I always knew I had but never nurtured it completely. It came to me in full bloom when I was confronting one of the so called 'bad phases' in my life. And yes, it definitely helped me. It gave me the strength to come out of it unscathed and see things in a different light. I gained a better perspective of looking at things and started penning down my thoughts with ease. Submerged in essaying my views, I was really overwhelmed my the 'magic of words'. Day in and day out, ideas transcended my mind and coalesced on paper, catalyzed by a plethora of words, time and again.

Then blogging happened. And I was hooked to it instantly! Nowadays, its like 'if it happened to me, then its on my blog for sure'. Writing gives me happiness and a sense of joy pervades my mind. Sometimes when a good post comes along 'I literally jump with the excitement'. It's akin to a shell where I can conceal myself when things around are in a bad shape and gives me the much required succor when I need it the most. It helps me bounce back with a renewed zeal and enthusiasm every time. In the company of my writing and my blog, neither do I feel the pangs of loneliness nor do I feel left out in a solitary confinement.

Call it philosophy or plain conviction. I call it 'Aditism'. I can ranter on and on about my beliefs and things I adhere to. But rather than injecting the reader with an overdose of philosophy, I might as well stop here. Atleast for the time being and harp on something else.

History tells us about the likes of Leonardo Da Vinci, Galileo Galilei, Charles Dickens, Franklin Roosevelt, Wolfgang Mozart. Illustrious figures, quite noted for the kind of work they did. On a lighter note, two more names can surely be added to the above aggregate. Abhishek 'ShAkE Inc.' & Aditi 'Jiggs'! No pun intended here, mind you ;-)

Ingenuity is a second name for an Aquarian. There is no denying this fact. I, being an aquarian know this rather too well. Working on the aesthetics aspect of my blog with another aquarian who goes my the moniker of ShAkE Inc. a.k.a Abhishek, has been a very stimulating experience. When two such people revel in a creative endeavour as we did, the end result has to be explosive.
My blog 'Writing Pad' bears testimony to this fact rather well. Talk about a blog getting 'pimped'! Really LOLzz.

His creative self coupled with the perfectionist streak, patiently dealt with my constant influx of requests, endlessly for several hours until the work was finally done. He has miles to go and lot more of his virtuosity is yet to peel off. But the world shall reckon this creative genius in times to come. That's one thing for sure.

Guess I have been the lucky one. But definitely it was quite an experience. And I do hope to see much more of his ingenuity flow in days to come.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

No Ifs. No Ands. Only Butts.




Something inside me
Has opened up its eyes

Why did you put it there?

Did you not realise?

This thing inside me

It screams the loudest sound

Sometimes I think I could


Burn this whole world down


Thursday, October 11, 2007

Confessions Of An Artist

Visions in my head
Colors surround me
Mind exorcised, soul enchanted
Freezing life for eternity

Colors satiating stark silhouettes
A breath of life infused!
Gazing through the looking glass
I pause, I reflect

Oh! the beauteous joy of procreation
Oh! how lovely, how so pure
I revel in such a consummate bliss
Never to let go

Stimulated from the depths of my soul
Enveloped in a passionate aura
Like soaking up the warmth of the sun
Like plunging in the unfathomable sea

I close my eyes
Renewed vigor, a new drive
I begin again
Never to stop, never to cease

Visions in my head
Colors surround me

Mind exorcised, soul enchanted
Freezing life for eternity

Mr. Mittal Says...

mittal says

........I visited Jamshedpur over the weekend to see for myself an India that is fast disappearing despite all the wolf-cries of people like Narayanamurthy and his ilk. It's one thing to talk and quite another to do and I am delighted to tell you that Ratan Tata has kept alive the legacy of perhaps India’s finest industrialist J.N. Tata. Something that some people doubted when Ratan took over the House of the Tatas but in hindsight, the best thing to have happened to the Tatas is unquestionably Ratan. I was amazed to see the extent of corporate philanthropy and this is no exaggeration. For the breed that talks about corporate social responsibility and talks about the role of corporate India, a visit to Jamshedpur is a must. Go there and see the amount of money they pump into keeping the town going; see the smiling faces of workers in a region known for industrial unrest; see the standard of living in a city that is almost isolated from the mess in the rest of the country.

This is not meant to be a puff piece. I have nothing to do with Tata Steel, but I strongly believe the message of hope and the message of goodness that they are spreading is worth sharing. The fact that you do have companies in India which look at workers as human beings and who do not blow their software trumpet of having changed lives. In fact, I asked Mr.Muthuraman, the managing director, as to why he was so quiet about all they had done and all he could offer in return was a smile wrapped in humility, which said it all. They have done so much more since I last visited Jamshedpur, which was in 1992. The town has obviously got busier but the values thankfully haven’t changed. The food is still as amazing as it always was and I gorged, as I would normally do. I visited the plant and the last time I did that was with Russi Mody. But the plant this time was gleaming and far from what it used to be.

Greener and cleaner and a tribute to environment management. You could have been in the mountains. Such was the quality of air I inhaled! There was no belching smoke; no tired faces and so many more women workers, even on the shop floor. This is true gender equality and not the kind that is often espoused at seminars organised by angry activists. I met so many old friends. Most of them have aged but not grown old. There was a spring in the air which came from a certain calmness which has always been the hallmark of Jamshedpur and something I savoured for a full two days in between receiving messages of how boring and decrepit the lack lustre Fashion Week was.

Jamshedji Nusserwanji Tata had created an edifice that is today a robust company and it is not about profits and about valuation. It is not about who becomes a millionaire and who doesn’t. It is about getting the job done with dignity and respect keeping the age-old values intact and this is what I learnt.

I jokingly asked someone as to whether they ever thought of joining an Infosys or a Wipro and pat came the reply: "We are not interested in becoming crorepatis but in making others crorepatis." Which is exactly what the Tatas have done for years in and around Jamshedpur. Very few people know that Jamshedpur has been selected as a UN Global Compact City, edging out the other nominee from India, Bangalore. Selected because of the quality of life, because of the conditions of sanitation and roads and welfare. If this is not a tribute to industrial India, then what is? Today, India needs several Jamshedpurs but it also needs this Jamshedpur to be given its fair due, its recognition. I am tired of campus visits being publicised to the Infosys and the Wipros of the world. Modern India is being built in Jamshedpur as we speak. An India built on the strength of core convictions and nothing was more apparent about that than the experiment with truth and reality that Tata Steel is conducting at Pipla.

Forty-eight tribal girls (yes, tribal girls who these corrupt and evil politicians only talk about but do nothing for) are being educated through a residential program over nine months. I went to visit them and I spoke to them in a language that they have just learnt: Bengali. Eight weeks ago, they could only speak in Sainthali, their local dialect. But today, they are brimming with a confidence that will bring tears to your eyes. It did to mine.

One of them has just been selected to represent Jharkand in the state archery competition. They have their own women’s football team and what’s more they are now fond of education. It is a passion and not a burden.

This was possible because I guess people like Ratan Tata and Muthurman haven’t sold their souls to some business management drivel, which tells us that we must only do business and nothing else. The fact that not one Tata executive has been touched by the Naxalites in that area talks about the social respect that the Tatas have earned.

The Tatas do not need this piece to be praised and lauded. My intent is to share the larger picture that we so often miss in the haze of the slime and sleaze that politics imparts. My submissions to those who use phrases such as "feel-good" and "India Shining" is first visit Jamshedpur to understand what it all means. See Tata Steel in action to know what companies can do if they wish to. And what corporate India needs to do.

Murli Manohar Joshi would be better off seeing what Tata Steel has done by creating the Xavier Institute of Tribal Education rather than by proffering excuses for the imbroglio in the IIMs. This is where the Advanis and Vajpayees need to pay homage. Not to all the Sai Babas and the Hugging saints that they are so busy with. India is changing in spite of them and they need to realise that. I couldn’t have spent a more humane and wonderful weekend. Jamshedpur is an eye opener and a role model, which should be made mandatory for replication. I saw corporate India actually participate in basic nation-building, for when these tribal girls go back to their villages, they will return with knowledge that will truly be life-altering.

Corporate India can do it but most of the time is willing to shy away. For those corporate leaders who are happier winning awards and being interviewed on their choice of clothes, my advise is visit Tata Steel, spend some days at Jamshedpur and see a nation’s transformation. That is true service and true nationalism. Tata Steel will celebrate 100 years of existence in 2007. It won’t be just a milestone in this company’s history. It will be a milestone, to my mind of corporate transparency and generosity in this country. It is indeed fitting that Ratan Tata today heads a group which has people who are committed to nation-building than just building influence and power.

JRD must be smiling wherever he is. And so must Jamshedji Nusserwanji. These people today have literally climbed every last blue mountain. And continue to do so with vigour and passion. Thank god for the Tatas!

[Thank you Mr. Mittal. Exemplifying the glory of my hometown in a manner as such brings a gleam to my eyes. Born and brought up in the cradle of fervent industrial growth amidst lush green environs, I harbor an unbridled joyous fervor. Difficult to suppress. Impossible to let go. Call it Jamshedpur, Jampot or simply's my home. My Town. And I'm proud of it.]

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Office Buzz : Do The Doodle!

office buzz

One of those snoozy afternoons. Trying to avert the soporific allure by doing what I do best.

Suddenly out of nowhere.

Boss : So, what's happening?

Me : uh..huh...(bit rattled, turning around). Oh, well...nothing much (trying to conceal the sheet of paper and promptly building up a 'I'm busy at work' demeanor)

Boss : NOTHING MUCH?!!! The reports are due since yesterday. What about th... (glances at the sheet of paper)...oh I s-e-e! So doodling again, eh?

Tries to play peeping-tom and makes a herculean attempt to gaze at my objet d' art.

Me : (putting up a brave front) No actually...actually, was working on the reports and...(quickly folding the sketches and casting them aside)...and was stuck on one of the scripts. But I am trying....

Boss : Hmm...I s-e-e (apparently miffed). So you are stuck. And you need help, don't you?

Me : Ummm...Ya...I g-u-e-s-s so (threw a swift 'need some more time' look at him)

Boss : (bends down) Then Mr. Picasso, you should try Google not doodle! (a pause and then his voice cracks) 8:30 PM is the deadline. No more extensions!

Whizzes off to his cabin in a huff.

Muffled, I stare at the screen.

Damn! There goes my artistic fervor down the drain. A dreamy afternoon wasted.

So much for deadlines. Boo-hoo :-(

Friday, October 5, 2007

Breaking Free

No rack can torture me
My soul's at liberty
Behind this mortal bone
There knits a bolder one

You cannot prick with saw
Nor rend with scymitar
Two bodies therefore be
Bind one, and one will flee

The eagle of his nest
No easier divest
And gain the sky
Than mayest thou

Except thyself may be
Thine enemy
Captivity is consciousness
So's liberty

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Phildickian Gnosticism

I write about people I love, and put them into a fictional world spun out of my own mind, not the world we actually have, because the world we actually have does not meet my standards. In my writing I even question the universe; I wonder out loud if it is real, and I wonder out loud if all of us are real.

I saw the door open. A gentle push. The light flittered incessantly but I could see him. Reclined on his chair, with his eyes wide open. Something was amiss. I sensed it.

"Are you alright, Mr. Dick? ", I enquired.

He lay still.

"Mr. Dick......".

"Huh...uh...err...nothing, nothing at all ", he replied.

"But something's wrong with you. I have a feeling ".

"Well, its actually...actually...."

He halts and gives me a queer look. I stand there trying to read his thoughts.

"I...I am having strange visions. Things which I shouldn't be seeing. Things unknown..."

Maybe it was the effect of the prolonged medication that he was undergoing. But I was not quite sure.

"What is it that you see? "

"Vesicle Pisces ".

Vesicle Pisces? I hadn't heard that before for sure. What could that be? I pondered frantically.

"I experienced an invasion of my a transcendentally rational mind, as if I had been insane all my life and suddenly...suddenly I have become sane now ".

"I see Jesus. The ancient Rome. Thomas. Does all this make any sense to you. Tell me...does this have any religious significance? "

I didn't have an answer. I shook my head in dissent.

"I don't seem to be myself. I...I feel like I'm somebody else. But who? Who can I be...? "

He rambled on. His face swept with undulating emotions of anger & exhilaration. This was strange. For a moment, I thought I knew him. The other moment, I didn't. I stood there, fixated on him.

"VALIS. GOD. I see it. I see it now."

He turned to me and said, "Leave me alone ".

I couldn't do much. I had to leave. As I inched towards the door, I glanced back at him. I wondered what had befallen this great writer. The greatest of all times. The man who seamlessly bridged the gap between alternate history and science fiction in his writings. The man who brought forth the ideas of shifting universes and made complete sense out of surreal fantasies. The same literary virtuoso was now not in touch with reality. How pitiable. The effect of drugs and intermittent bouts of schizophrenia had taken its toll on him. However the fact remained. His paranoiac self was a genius. A genius whom the world will remember for eons. Only time will tell.

[During the period of February and March of 1974, Philip K. Dick encountered a series of visions, which he referred to as "two-three-seventy-four" (2-3-74). He described the initial visions as laser beams and geometric patterns, and, occasionally, brief pictures of Jesus and of ancient Rome. As the visions increased in length and frequency, Dick claimed he began to live a double life, one as himself, "Philip K. Dick", and one as "Thomas", a Christian persecuted by Romans in the 1st century A.D. Despite his history of drug use and elevated stroke risk, Dick began seeking other rationalist and religious explanations for these experiences. He referred to the "transcendentally rational mind" as "Zebra", "God" and, most often, "VALIS". Dick wrote about the experiences in the semi-autobiographical novels Valis and Radio Free Albemuth.

Resorting to such an overt dramatization comes easy when one reels under the profound effect of his writings. I call it the 'PKD Syndrome'. Try running through his literary works and you shall know better.]

Monday, October 1, 2007

Through The Looking Glass

calvin_art thoughts